About TSL - The Team

Our People

The TSL Office is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire. A team of permanent office-based staff look after various aspects, from hardware and software development, to the administration of the business. We have a pool of over 70 accredited timekeepers to assist at worldwide events as required. Click here to learn more information about becoming a Timekeeper.

The Company Directors are all respected worldwide and have worked at the pinnacle of all international motorsport for many years including F1 and the World Rally Championship. They are also senior timing advisors to the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU), the UK governing bodies.

Meet The Staff

John Ward

Managing Director

John brings over 40 years' experience in the motorsport business to his role in the company. He is a registered MSA Lead Trainer and International Race Timekeeper.

John's role includes expansion of the business into new markets. He also looks after all financial aspects of the business as well as the day-to-day running of the company and its commercial development.

Gethin Rees

Director and General Manager

Since the mid 1990's Gethin has made timing his full-time career option, being involved at different levels of the sport, including Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship. Gethin oversees day-to-day operations ensuring that the high standards of service that the company provides are maintained.

Gethin is currently Chief Timekeeper for the British GT Championship. He is an MSA registered International Race, Rally and Speed Timekeeper as well as Chairperson of the MSA Timekeeper Advisory Panel and MSA International Training Instructor.

Tony Daff

Sales Director

Tony has over 40 years' experience in all aspects of 2 and 4 wheeled motorsport at all levels as a competitor, organiser and timekeeper. With the advent of the F1 timing contract in 1994, Tony's hobby became a full-time position within the company, of which he is now Sales Director. Tony also acts as Chief Timekeeper for the British Touring Car Championship and is an MSA registered International Timekeeper for both Race and Speed events.

Graeme Lond

Director, Bikesports Manager and Head of New Technologies

Graeme has over 25 years' experience in the motorsport business, his specific passion being for motorbike racing. He joined the company full-time in 1994 to assist with timing F1 and providing TV graphics.

He became Chief Timekeeper for the British Superbikes series in 1999, a position that he continues to fulfill. Graeme's role includes not just timing at races but leading the company technical direction. He ensures that technical development (both hardware and software) keeps up to date and meets the changing needs and ever growing demands of our customers.

Eric Cowcill

Director and Company Secretary

Eric has many years' experience in motorsport at both National and International levels. He was one of the founders of MST Sports Timing and continues as Director and Company Secretary with Timing Solutions Limited.

Eric has worked with the Formula 1 timing team and holds several MSA registered roles, including International Timekeeper for both Race and Rally disciplines, MSA Trainer, FIA and MSA Steward.

Craig Smith

Senior Timing Technician

Craig was 'raised' in a motorsport environment, attending events whilst very young and beginning his timekeeping career aged 14. He holds a Group 1 ACU timekeepers licence and when not taking charge of events, he works alongside Graeme at BSB meetings. Initially only timekeeping at weekends, Craig is now a permanent and valuable member of the TSL team. He brings with him significant business skills that will be an important asset to moving the company forward.

Sarah Evans

Senior Timing Technician

Sarah has been timing for over 20 years and has risen to the level of International Timekeeper for Race events. She specialises in overseeing the set-up and running of unusual and one-off events. Her role involves working closely with international race teams to ensure that their demanding and often challenging requirements are met.

Chris Cartledge

Senior Programmer

Chris is our resident IT expert, having an unhealthy obsession with software. His passion for programming has resulted in skills that have been put to use not just in interpreting the timing needs for race events but also writing the timing suite that underpins our service. Having little knowledge of motorsport prior to working for TSL, Chris has now grown to love the sport.

Richard Evans

Timing Technician

Richard has grown up with motorsport, attending race meetings since he was three years old. His passion for the sport is shown not just in his knowledge but by the fact that he has been Chief of meetings for the last 9 years. He copes with anything that is 'thrown at him' in his own unique, unflappable style.