Event Details - 78th Members Meeting

Goodwood Road Racing Club
16th/17th October - Goodwood
Track Length: 2.4 miles
78th Members Meeting
16th Oct - 17th Oct 2021

Arundell Cup - Rear-engined Formula Junior up to 1964

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Don Parker Trophy - 500cc Formula 3

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Earl Howe Trophy - 2 seater Grand Prix & Voiturette pre 1932

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Gurney Cup - World Championship sports prototypes 1960-1966

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Hailwood Trophy - 250cc & 350cc GP Motorcycles up to 1983 & early 1970s F750

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Moss Trophy - Closed-cockpit GT & Prototypes in the spirit of the RACE TT 1958-1962

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Pierpoint Cup - V8 Saloons upto 1966

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Ronnie Hoare Trophy - Road going GT cars 1960-1966

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Salvadori Cup - Sports racing cars 1955-1960

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