Event Details - 81st Members Meeting

Goodwood Road Racing Club
13th/14th April - Goodwood
Track Length: 2.4 miles
81st Members Meeting
13th Apr - 14th Apr 2024

Hailwood Trophy ft Sheene Trophy - 250cc and 350cc GP Motorcycles upto 1983 & 750cc Motorcycles upto 1972

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S.F. Edge Trophy - Edwardian and Aero-Engined Specials prior to 1923

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Gordon Spice Trophy - Group 1 Saloons 1970-1982

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Derek Bell Cup - 1000cc Formula 3 cars 1964-1970

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Parnell Cup - Grand Prix and Voiurette cars 1935-1953

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Ken Miles Cup - Ford Mustang Notchbacks

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Graham Hill Trophy - Closed-cockpit GT cars raced up to 1966

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Surtees Trophy - Sports-racing prototypes 1960-1964

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Grover-Williams Trophy - 1920s Grand Prix Cars

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Peter Collins Trophy - Sports racing cars 1948-1955

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Sidecar Shootout

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