Event Details - Classic and Modern Motorsport Festival

Classic and Modern Motorsport
18th/19th May - Mallory Park
Mallory Park
Track Length: 1.35 miles
Classic and Modern Motorsport Festival
18th May - 19th May 2024
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CTCRC Edmundson Electrical Classic Thunder

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CMMC Hoosier Tire Intermarque Silhouette Series

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CTCRC Everard Garage Equipment Pre-66 Touring Cars

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OT Publishing Coupe Cup with Toyo Tires

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CTCRC Pre-83 Group 1 Touring Car Championship

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BRSCC Super Classic Pre 99 Formula Ford Championship

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CTCRC Laser Tools Pre-93 Touring Cars / Burty Pre-2003 Touring Cars & Burton Power Blue Oval Saloons

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CMMCS Ashstone MEP Super Saloon Car Series / Tin Top Series

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